I Love You Mom

Everyone appreciates hearing these three words “I LOVE YOU” including our do-it all mothers or saying these words to yourself. It’s the easiest way to show appreciation to someone else or to nourish yourself with self love and self care.

Adding a gift of massage to these three words will not prove that you love yourself or your mom more than you already do. It is just a simple way to show appreciation and to experience something more than relaxation.

Getting a massage can have many physical therapeutic effects that relieve pain, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system and stress can be relieved or prevented. Therefore your giving a gift or treating yourself to more than a massage.

One time purchase

$110.00 for 60 minutes or 150.00 for 90 minutes

Subscription & Save 

Schedule your mom to have a massage weekly, monthly or as she pleases.

Purchase 3 or more sessions for as low as $85.00 for 60 minutes Or  $130.00 for 90 minutes

Subscription must be paid in full.