COVID-19 Spa Update

To Our Windrose Spa Family,

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. As we prepare to reopen our doors on June 15th, our goal is to offer a sanctuary where you can enhance your well being. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supporting a strong immune system is key for staving off any disease. To keep you safe and our business sanitized, we’re taking the following actions:

Thorough Disinfection

We’ve implemented a more stringent disinfection protocol that includes a minimum of hourly disinfection of surfaces, with emphasis on door handles, nail stations, computer station, equipments, and other highly trafficked areas. 

Disinfection of equipment before and after each client.

Frequent and thorough hand washing by our employees throughout the day.

Our spa team have completed the New Sanitation Paradigm Workshop and BARBICIDE COVID-19 Certification.

 All implements are sterilized in an Autoclave and kept in an UV Sterilizer

Each client will receive their own new disposable nail files, buffers and foot file

Additional cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been added to the care of our circulating foot baths. The frequency of this protocol will occur after each client and for the end of the day.

Distribution of hand sanitizer throughout the building for use by both clients and employees.

Social Distancing:

We love that our spa is small and intimate which means we can focus entirely on you during your scheduled appointment time. This means no more than two appointments at the same time.

Please wear a mask during your time with us. Our team will be geared with goggles, mask, nitrile gloves, bouffant caps and medical gowns or aprons to ensure you and our protection.

Any of our spa professionals who think they might be sick are not permitted to come into work. Temperature checks are done upon arrival and departure.

Although we are opening on June 15th, we are still encouraged to practice social distancing which means we will only be offering nails and waxing services until further notice.

Please call us at 242-376-6199 or 242-823-3434 to schedule your appointments and let us know when you’re here for your appointment. We’ll let you know when to come in so we can limit the amount of people in our spa. 

If you’d like to reschedule your appointment, you can do so without incurring any penalties.

Listening to the Experts

We are continuing to monitor the situation and rely on information from health officials, and the government who has been doing a great job in ensuring the safety of our nation. . If you have any questions, please feel free to call Channa Cius at 242-376-6199. Be sure to also watch for emails and social media updates for any changes to our open status. 

We encourage you to seek out ways to find peace, whether that means spending time in nature or letting us pamper you with a relaxing foot massage, pedicure or manicure service, we will always be here to support you on your wellness journey.

Stay well,

Windrose Spa Team